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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is an approach used to stop your employees and vendors from accidentally or intentionally sharing sensitive and company confidential data to an outside entity. The program is designed to identify what types of data and communication channels are sensitive, design policies and rules for data usage scenarios. Next, it monitors user actions, validates them against the DLP rules, and takes appropriate action if and when a rule condition is triggered.

DLP: Data loss prevention, user activity monitoring, and insider threats detection in a single platform

‘User-centric,’ endpoint Data Loss Prevention is an advanced solution that comprises intelligent behavioral analysis that identifies human factors like malicious intent, errors, or accidents, allowing you to implement effective protection against data breaches and other exfiltration attempts. Features foreign to the traditional DLP approaches. By addressing data loss, cybersecurity, and insider threats, Oto Graph’s DLP provides the best return of investment for organizations of any size – SMBs, enterprises, and the public sector companies alike. Besides, Oto Graph enables you to conform to compliance regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001.

Policy and Rules Engine

Oto Graph offers users hundreds of pre-built rule templates, activity classification lists, and data categories to run the software instantly. Further, you can design your own policies and rules with an intuitive, visual rule editor and use natural English, regular expressions, and sample conditions to easily define your requirements. Creating monitoring profiles for individual employees, groups or departments is also possible with this solution.

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