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Prevent Insider Threats with User Activity Monitoring and Behavioral Analytics

With cybersecurity attacks on the rise, many organizations have adopted certain measures to protect their data and systems, including antivirus, firewall, intrusion detection to protect infrastructure and IT assets. While these are generally effective in defending the organization from external threats, they fail to shield businesses from internal threat actors such as employees and other internal users, third-party vendors, contractors, and privileged administrators who already have access to an organization’s valuable assets and sensitive data.

One insider’s unguided behavior can expose an organization’s intellectual property, financial records, customer data, PII, PHI, or other critical material. In fact, research shows that a majority of the data breaches in recent years involved weak or exploited employee credentials either by a malicious or accidental incident (source). Oto Graph aims to help fill these gaps and provide a holistic insider threat prevention solution with features like Employee Monitoring, Privileged User Monitoring, Third-Party Monitoring, User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Endpoint Security, etc.

User Activity Monitoring

User activity monitoring involves the process of tracking all user activity and behavior while they are logged into a computer (endpoint). By integrating a user monitoring solution into their operations, companies can keep an eye on their sensitive data, employees, and third-party entities such as contractors, remote and special/privileged users, identifying and preventing the misuse of company data and resources.

Employee Monitoring Software with Powerful Insider Threat Detection and Productivity Analysis Features – How it works

User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) is a crucial feature of Oto Graph. UEBA’s primary function is to identify and alert the organization to a wide range of unusual behavior and potential threats by either a malicious, inadvertent, or compromised employee, user, or third-party entity.

It performs this function by automatically creating a behavioral baseline factoring in a user’s activity (i.e., how many times a user accessed a file), data pattern (file type, source, category, etc.), entity role (application, access level, domain, etc.) and other attributes (i.e., time of day, schedule, assigned project). Any anomaly or deviation from the normal baseline can prompt real-time alerts and notifications.

This UEBA capability is then combined with the Intelligent Policy & Rules Engine to proactively avert insider threats and at the same time provide the organizations with a clear and complete picture of all user and entity activity, context, and forensic evidence in a single solution.

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