Leaking Trade Secrets

Threat Prevention Solution



Oto Graph is a leaking trade, combined with its data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities and inside threat prevention software.

Regardless the evolving advanced cyber technology, human factor will always be the easiest to crack.

Every skilled reporter knows how easy it is to manipulate employees, causing them to reveal sensitive information about a company.

Its future plans, its internal politics and all kind of secrets that make an interesting and sensational journalism.

Sometimes all is needed is to flatter the employee’s ego and make him feel important.

Competitors and entities in legal dispute are also aware how impactful it can be to win their battle by entrapping a key person in a company.

Black Cube, a private intelligence agency that was founded by veterans of the Israeli Military Intelligence and the Israeli Mossad, became world leader in this growing field of corporate espionage.

Old fashion methods like money and sex never lost their effectiveness in bringing people, intentionally or unintentionally, to abandon their commitments to their company or to ignore the warning signs.

Private social network accounts of employees are becoming the primary arena through which skilled manipulators are trying to trap their victims.

Fake profiles, fake conversations and fake pictures are functioning as key tools to weaken the defense mechanism of the target and divert him/her to a point of no return.

That is why law makers recognize that the right of employees to privacy should be balanced with the right of the employers to protect their trade secrets, their reputation and their stability.

Insider Threat Prevention Solution is Built on the

Cybersecurity Framework

Our software using cybersecurity framework to carry out its numerous functions: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.

Its powerful leaking trade, combined with its data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities, allows Oto Graph to help organizations prevent insider threats and data breach incidents with ease.

inside threat identify


Oto Graph leverages advanced fingerprinting, OCR, and tagging technology to identify sensitive data in structured and unstructured information across organization data stores.

inside threat protect


Leveraging its activity monitoring and data loss prevention capabilities, Oto Graph defends confidential information from unauthorized access, sharing, attack, and misuse.

inside threat detect


Our powerful behavior-based policy and rules engine cast a solid detection net over the entire organization, facilitating the quick detection of insider threats and data breach incidents before it happens.

leaking trade Respond


This solution has built-in real-time notification and immediate action features to defend against data exfiltration proactively, malicious or accidental insider threats, and data breaches. And it can pinpoint the exact cause and source of the incident with readily available forensic data.

leaking trade recover


Lastly, Oto Graph can identify the source and cause of a security breach so that a recovery plan can be formulated fast while preventing similar future incidents.

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