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Insider Threats: A Significant Security Risk for Many Organizations

Who are insiders? Everyone who has access to an organization’s internal systems ( e sensitive data and proprietary information including IP, trade secrets, customer and employee data) is an insider, including employees, vendors, contractors, and suppliers. The harm caused by any of these groups is referred to as an insider threat.
Unfortunately, no organization is immune to insider threats.
According to an Ernst & Young and IBM report, there’s a 74% perceived risk of a cyber-breach and insider misuse in the financial services industry; followed by 64% in consumer, retail and wholesale; 55% in tech and entertainment, and 56% in power and utilities. Experts have discovered that one of the main reasons why insider threat is so prevalent is because it’s difficult to detect.
Insider threats are inherently different from other cybersecurity risks; thus, addressing this challenge using traditional measures or strategies is often ineffective. Insiders have a significant advantage over external attackers – they have access to privileged systems, they are aware of their organization’s policies, procedures, and technology and its security vulnerabilities.

Oto Graph: Detect, Prevent and Respond to Insider Threats with a Single Solution

Oto Graph’s insider threat detection and data loss prevention solution leverages real-time user activity monitoring to detect early signs of insider threats. And Its behavior-based rules engine offers active defense from all kinds of malicious insider activity like data leak and exfiltration, IP theft, fraud, industrial espionage, sabotage, etc.
You can also conduct threat analysis, forensic investigation, and auditing utilizing StaffCop’s unique Intelligent Session Mining with video and audio recording, complete metadata alerts, keylogging, and other powerful features. Lastly, the software comes with built-in integration with security information and event management (SIEM) and a threat analytics system that allows you to extend your security coverage.

IT Forensics to Investigate Security Incidents

Video recording of all user activity, audio recording, session recording, immutable logs, alerts, and optional OCR search are just a few functions of Oto Graph’s powerful audit and forensic component. Together they provide a wide array of investigation data to locate the source and insider threat with pinpoint accuracy.

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