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According to survey made in 2019 by salary.com, the leading enterprise resource for compensation data in the U.S., 90% of employees waste time at work each day.

On average, employers are losing 2.5 hours of employees’ productivity per day, equal approximately to $759B in salaries annually (U.S.).

40% of the wasted time is spent on social media platforms, for personal usage.

The rest of the wasted time is spent on socializing with co-workers, conducting personal business, taking personal calls and long lunch breaks.

60% of workers admit to making online purchases when they are supposed to working, and many more play video games.

As more and more people are working remotely, the issue of time-wasting at work is becoming significant.

Even before the Covid 19 pandemic, the share of employed people that worked from home (usually or occasionally) soared in the U.S. and the EU.

Due to the advent of a reliable and robust broadband internet connection, whether at home or outdoor.

The pandemic forced other hundreds of millions to work remotely and many experts believe that it will reshape the future of work forever.

When more and more employees are far from being seen and inspected by their managers, trust in workplaces might be diminished.

It might lead to an atmosphere of suspicion, to micromanagement, employees’ dissatisfaction and higher stress levels for everyone.

Oto Graph Employee Productivity Tools Go Beyond Monitoring and Basic Time Tracking

Oto Graph employees a data-centric approach to employee productivity. It captures virtually all types of user activity and behavior data and utilizes it to review and evaluate user productivity.
Oto Graph numerous analytics tools allow for a proper analysis of data collected, thereby enabling management to understand and take steps to improve employee productivity.
The solution provides an enterprise-wide oversight with productivity, performance, and security KPIs for all uses on a single, intuitive dashboard.
We allows you to gauge your employee’s engagement with its Productive, Unproductive, Active, and idle time tracking property.
The integrated schedule and task management lessen administrative headache while the automated rules enforce company policy and decrease unproductive behavior.
Oto Graph workforce optimization tools also allow you to easily track project costs and eliminate waste for not just regular employees but external consultants, remote employees, and freelance contractors.
Besides tracking employee productivity, these tools defend your organization from theft, sabotage, and other malicious user activity with built-in insider threat detection and data loss prevention features.

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