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Application Monitoring

Oto Graph monitors user activity in applications, including time and duration. This aggregated data is then utilized in building time tracking reports for evaluation of employee productivity. Oto Graph grades applications according to their level of usefulness for performing working tasks and further divided into thematical resource lists, such as “Office applications,” “Email applications,” “Graphic editors,” “Games,” etc. Each list of applications has a corresponding productivity group; for instance, “Office applications” are productive, “Games” – unproductive, “Graphic editors” – neutral. Oto Graph can also stop the launching of prohibited applications.

Activity time and duration

Oto Graph tracks all user activities in applications, with detailed information of each event including its duration and the window title to make it clear what a particular user was doing at a particular moment.

Special monitoring with screenshots

If knowing the window title of the application is not enough and more information is required for investigation, screenshots taking can be used. Besides common options of taking screenshots as a specified interval and at the moment the active window is changed there is an option called “Special monitoring”. If we specify an application for special monitoring, screenshots will be taken with a higher frequency all the time when this application is running.

Application category

Oto Graph divides the data collected on activity in applications according to thematical groups, each group with its own productivity category. This data is used for building time tracking reports. The list of categories can be manually edited, including adding/remove applications for a list.

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