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Every business leader knows, that employees are the company’s greatest asset. Employees are the heart and soul of every business, even in our time. When artificial intelligence and autonomous robots are becoming part of our daily life. They deserve to be fully trusted, with no doubt and no hesitation. But as Ronald Reagan phrased it once: “Trust, but verify”. OTOGRAPH BI is a unique Business Behavioral Analysis (BBA) software, enables business leaders to verify if the people they mostly trust, are deserve to be trusted.

Employees – Our greatest asset

but our greatest risk

Employees are the company’s greatest asset but they have also the potential to be the company’s greatest risk. Thousands of business leaders around the world are realizing every day that the greatest threats to companies can come from within. Employees, either intentionally or unintentionally, are causing damages that cost billions each year and can ruin a well-established company in no time.,

OTOGRAPH BI – The best "trust machine"
in the world

OTOGRAPH is a “trust machine”, the best of its kind in the world. It enables business leaders to verify if the people they mostly trust are deserved to be trusted. OTOGRAPH is based on counterterrorism AI technology that is commonly used by western intelligence and law enforcement agencies. By processing and utilizing huge amount of behavioral online data, those agencies are able to make real time accurate preventive assessments and to thwart terrorist plots, before they even have the chance to be realized and with less intrusion and disturbance to daily routine of innocent population. In the same manner, OTOGRAPH provides more confidence and peacefulness to business leaders, enabling to pinpoint real rogue employees while trusting all others.

business behavioral analysis
what is otograph BI

OTOGRAPH BI – How it works?

OTOGRAPH is a unique Business Behavioral Analysis (BBA) machine learning software. Behavioral digital data is extracted from all endpoint devices that are connected to the company’s network – whether physically, wirelessly or remotely. The data is processed and analyzed to learn and to reveal the unique digital behavioral pattern of the organization as a whole and of every individual. Once characterized, OTOGRAPH sets baselines of normal patterns for each, and constantly searches for anomalies – deviations from those patterns. The anomalies are detected automatically and instantly, categorized by their type and push alerts are sent to the business leader’s dashboard. OTOGRAPH is constantly learning and calibrating the normal patterns and their thresholds, to minimize the number of false alarms.

OTOGRAPH BI – Spotting breach of trust and behavior

Every breach of trust has its preliminary typical signs. People who are getting engaged in embezzlement crime usually start to work in strange hours, becoming possessive toward their working area, living above their means and more. Bullying and abusive behavior of a senior employee towards a junior one can be detected in both individuals’ digital analysis. The same goes with sexual harassment. Cybercrimes, phishing efforts and unauthorized penetration to classified areas have all their typical signs which are easily recognized and intercepted by OTOGRAPH. OTOGRAPH BI will raise red flags once it detects preliminary signs of potential talent poaching or suspicion of customers’ solicitation. Of course, OTOGRAPH will provide a comprehensive analysis of employees’ productivity, in every selected index and parameter.     

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measure tool

OTOGRAPH BI– Improving employees wellbeing

Many employees’ surveys show that employees themselves are getting more comfortable with digital data measure tools, especially today when remote working is becoming so common. It turns out that many employees are frustrated that their efforts are not recognized and not visible enough to their employers. With data gathering they are expecting that it will be easier for them to be witnessed, recognized and to demonstrate their true value and skills. Consequently, it will lead to fairer compensations, fairer promotions and fairer appraisals. Moreover, the new data can unleash higher levels of business performance, including greater agility, productivity and innovation, and consequently improve the wellbeing of employees while reducing stress, mistrust environment and overworking.


Technical set-up
and implementation

The OTOGRAPH system is comprised of three components:

  • The Business Behavioral Analysis (BBA) unit that includes the system algorithms, customer rules and reports generator
  • OTOGRAPH Agents, installed on endpoint devices (workstations, laptops, tablets and smartphones), extracting data continuously and autonomously and communicating with the BBA unit
  • OTOGRAPH BI executive dashboards that enables the business leader to manage the system, to select or exclude tracked data, to gain a bird’s-eye view in real time in every selected index and parameter and to receive pushed alerts

The BBA unit can be set-up on customer servers (Virtual Machine set-up) or on cloud storage (whether customer’s cloud or OTOGRAPH’s cloud) or on special OTOGRAPH HP appliance (“plug & play”) integrated with customer’s network. The OTOGRAPH agents are installed physically on all the analyzed endpoint devices, by the administrator or the customer’s IT service subcontractor. Customer special rules, if required, are determined in advance and uploaded by OTOGRAPH service teams. Implementation, education and training are all part of the set-up process, led by OTOGRAPH service teams.